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Congratulations, you have purchased the finest tool for driving steel foundation stakes or rebar hubs, which are traditionally used for form work in the construction industry and survey work.

The Steel Stakertm Stake Driver:


1. Standing vs. Bending: Most of your work is while you are standing. Bending over is minimal.


2. Your hands are protected from a hammer. . Your hands are less subject to being hit by a missed blow that is common with a traditional hammer.


3. There is less chance of flying shards of metal as the impact is contained in the receiver cup.


4. Fewer broken hammer handles!

5. There are untold ways to list savings of time and money.


  • The Steel Staker TM is INTENDED for use in clean soils. DO NOT USE on rock, concrete or asphalt.


  • The impact of each strike is severe and after long continual use, the end may mushroom, Thus you will need to periodically redress the impact end of the hammer shaft.

    When you place the driver cup over the stake, be sure to hold the cup down hard on the stake as that allows you the best use of the impact force.

  •  Placing the receiver cup over the stake allows you to initially steer the stake.

  • CAUTION: DO NOT ALLOW ANY BODY PARTS TO GET BETWEEN THE SAFETY COLLARS, as you may experience some very severe pinching, or worse.


  • WEAR OSHA APPROVED GLOVES when using The Steel Staker stake driver.


  • Do not use as a crowbar as you will bend the shaft and/or the shaft sleeve